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Catchment and Water Resources Protection, Kibwezi (Water Resources Investments)

Water Services Trust Fund (WSTF) is a Kenyan State Corporation that was established under the Water Act, 2002, and mandated to finance water and sanitation services for the poor and underserved communities in rural and urban areas.

In the Water Act, 2016, it was renamed Water Sector Trust Fund and its mandate expanded to include provision of conditional and unconditional grants to the Counties, and to assist in financing the development of and management of water services in the marginalised and underserved areas, including:

  1. Community level initiatives for the sustainable management of water resources
  2. Development of water services in rural areas considered not to be commercially viable for provision of water services by licensees
  3. Development of water services in the under-served poor urban areas.

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We've Got Stories to Tell...

From a desert safari though Garissa to a WRUA, to the unique and picturesque location of Merti town, to the urban centres of Embu, Nakuru and Kiambu, read our success stories and unique transformative changes that our investment services have brought to the residents, including testimonies such as "My children can now go to school on time as they no longer spend hours fetching water from rivers and dams. Also they no longer suffer from diarrhoea as the water is now very clean".

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Our Investment Services

Urban Investments

Water Kiosk, Mbale (Urban Investments)
Support towards water supply and sanitation projects for urban low-income areas.
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Rural Investments

Storage Tank, Taru Egu (Rural Investments)
Support towards implementation of water supply and sanitation projects for underserved rural communities.
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Water Resources Investments

Catchment and Water Resources Protection, Kibwezi (Water Resources Investments)
Support to communities to effectively manage and conserve their water resources within their sub-catchments.
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Results-Based Financing

Project Commissioning, Embu (Results-Based Financing)
Support towards water and sanitation projects in urban low-income areas, financed through commercial loans which are then subsidised on achievement of agreed outcomes.
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